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Helping make kitchen experiences easier and more fun for you and your family.

For nearly 2 decades , Janet has been helping people improve their cooking and cutting skills, have more fun in their kitchens, and choose the Cutco products that best fit their cooking style, needs, and budget.
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For those who don’t cook at all, to the occasional cook, to the accomplished chef who has been preparing meals for their family and friends for years. Enjoy!

Janet works one-on-one with her clients, helping them decide which products best fit their needs (budget, cooking style, interests, and frequency of use) and providing resources to support them in making the most of their investment for years to come.

Creating the highest level of customer satisfaction and a best-in-class customer experience have always been Janet’s objective for the clients she serves. Her success with creating loyal customers speaks to her attention to detail and quality of service.

Who do you know who gives gifts in their business? I’m sure people love what they are getting. They appreciate the time and money spent. But what happens to most gifts after a few months, or even weeks? Help me spread the word about YOUR BUSINESS with personalized engraving. What else is out there that you can give that is used every day, high quality, made in the US, and guaranteed FOREVER?! That’s why I’m here! 🙂


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